What is Le Manual About?


The important thing to you is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years!

Edward J. Stieglitz


Le Manual is about just that. Adding life to your years.


How does it do that?


Le Manual touches upon various aspects of life and offers information about optimizing them. It answers questions such as “how to”, “when to”, “where to” (and the related) about said various aspects.

The answers essentially help readers get a better bang for their life spends.

Also, given the contemporary nature of topics, Le Manual helps live an in-sync-with-the-times life. There’s bits about dressing, alcohol, fitness, adventure, travel, music, culture, current affairs and much more.

Le Manual Alcohol
Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash

Oh! And there are bits of opinion scattered here and there. You might choose to agree, or even vehemently disagree, but as long as it’s a democracy right?

As of now there’s just a spanking new blog’s worth of content on the site. However, most should find the pace of downloads on Le Manual appetizing enough to want to come back for more.