Indian general election 2019

Voting In India Is Pointless. Convince Me Otherwise.

Voting in the 6th and the second last phase of the 2019 general elections concluded yesterday. The parliamentary constituency I am a registered voter for, went through the process in this phase. I chose not to use my right to vote. I did it as I believe that the most critical issues being faced right […]

Modern hair dressers boileauganj Shimla

Haircut For Rs 50. Nostalgia Complimentary.

I woke up this morning and figured that the vegetation on my face and head was in dire need of pruning. I’ve been trying to grow my beard out to look like one of those on men who I believe are direct descendants of Thor. However my genes have put a spanner in the works […]

Delhi Vs Mumbai

Delhi Vs. Mumbai. From the perspective of an (ex) Bombay lover.

You want a conversation starter at any party in either of these cities? A Delhi Vs. Mumbai debate has the success rate of Vladimir Putin running for whatever the fuck he chooses to run for. Given that I was living in Mumbai for a month pretty recently, have assembled a few talk points here to […]


I don’t like to travel. Surprised? Here’s why.

Shooting the breeze with people you’ve just met, or even known for a while, the topic of travel comes up at times. Nine times out of ten, people will start behaving as if they’ve just come out of a naked run through a cocoa plantation. “Ooooh I LOOOOOOOVE to travel!”, “I SWEAR if I could, […]

Quit Social Media

Why I Gave Up Using Social Media & What Happened When I did.

Immediate trigger? This woman on my Instagram timeline posting yet another pouting selfie #accompanied #with #captions #that #had #been #hashtagged #like #this. #Fuck #Your #Neanderthal #mental #ability. Isn’t it enough that you are trying to look like a chimpanzee with all the pouting? Now you’ve got to go ahead and splash all the garbage in […]

Christmas Tree

A Designer Christmas Tree? Keep it away from me.

  It was the day before y’day that I fired up Instagram and came across this post with a Christmas Tree that had the alphabets of brand Bulgari dangling from its branches. There was really NOTHING special about the tree, except that it was from Bulgari. Then there was the post description which went something […]

So what do you do featured image

So what do you do?

How did our parent’s generation survive more than five minutes of a social situation? I don’t think “So, what do you do?” was a relevant question then. Everyone was in a bank, or in some government job, or a doctor, or an engineer or lawyer. The question wouldn’t have made for a great conversation starter. […]

Traffic is not waiting for you

Traffic is NOT waiting for you!

It’s one thing to wake up in the morning after an evening of barely getting home from work, to head right back to it. It is quite another, to have to do that combing through a maze of inbred degenerates raised in families which fornicate, feed and then foster rats that’ll run the same never-ending […]

The Pyjama Protocol

Pyjama Protocol – Experiments with (my own) Jammies.

One of the benefits of being employed is being able to use your items of clothing in an optimal fashion. There’s stuff you wear to bed, distinct from stuff you wear to work. (Unless you work in an advertising agency. Or are a lower rung employee in a hotel. But that’s another story.)  So […]