Starting Working Out with Weights

How To Start Working Out At A Gym.

I am sure that you’ve been bombarded by enough #Fitness tags on Instagram to at least wish a partial loss of your paunch or muffin top and consider working out.     Or maybe you’re one of the minority who see the real value in being fitter and realize that you need to start working […]

Diet Trends 2019

Diet trends 2019 – Choose One to Lose Some (Fat)!

I am pretty sure that given the excellent job being done by the food processing industry and their marketing departments, girth has become one of the primary physical measurements beyond height and weight. It’s totally okay if you’re sniggering at the “girth” bit. What would life be without campy humor anyway? But in all seriousness, […]

Quit Social Media

Why I Gave Up Using Social Media & What Happened When I did.

Immediate trigger? This woman on my Instagram timeline posting yet another pouting selfie #accompanied #with #captions #that #had #been #hashtagged #like #this. #Fuck #Your #Neanderthal #mental #ability. Isn’t it enough that you are trying to look like a chimpanzee with all the pouting? Now you’ve got to go ahead and splash all the garbage in […]

Le Manual Deadlifts Posture

Deadlifts 101 – Why, When & How

I’ve been working out relatively regularly for more than a decade now. Not that I look like a buff bodybuilder, or anything close to it, but I have been able to derive massive benefits from hitting the weights section on a regular basis. But that’s the story for another post. Thing is, that in my […]