Alcohol Essentials - Setting up a home bar

Alcohol Essentials – Setting Up A Home Bar

So you’re not in your late teens or your early twenties anymore. Life’s alright and you enjoy your alcohol every once in a while. You probably have decided, or have been forced to live on your own. You earn enough to have some “fun-funds” post servicing the essentials and saving up for a rainy day. […]

Quit Social Media

Why I Gave Up Using Social Media & What Happened When I did.

Immediate trigger? This woman on my Instagram timeline posting yet another pouting selfie #accompanied #with #captions #that #had #been #hashtagged #like #this. #Fuck #Your #Neanderthal #mental #ability. Isn’t it enough that you are trying to look like a chimpanzee with all the pouting? Now you’ve got to go ahead and splash all the garbage in […]

Formal Dressing Le Manual

Formal Dressing – What’s right, and what you could be doing wrong.

Gentlemen. Not all of us are blessed with faces that could launch a range of Gillette razors. Not all of us spend countless hours at the gym and then eating clean to look like Adonis-es. In fact the biggest workout most of us get, is picking the bottle of whisky to pour a drink. Also […]