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So what do you do?

How did our parent’s generation survive more than five minutes of a social situation? I don’t think “So, what do you do?” was a relevant question then. Everyone was in a bank, or in some government job, or a doctor, or an engineer or lawyer. The question wouldn’t have made for a great conversation starter. […]

Traffic is not waiting for you

Traffic is NOT waiting for you!

It’s one thing to wake up in the morning after an evening of barely getting home from work, to head right back to it. It is quite another, to have to do that combing through a maze of inbred degenerates raised in families which fornicate, feed and then foster rats that’ll run the same never-ending […]

The Pyjama Protocol

Pyjama Protocol – Experiments with (my own) Jammies.

One of the benefits of being employed is being able to use your items of clothing in an optimal fashion. There’s stuff you wear to bed, distinct from stuff you wear to work. (Unless you work in an advertising agency. Or are a lower rung employee in a hotel. But that’s another story.)  So […]

Formal Dressing Le Manual

Formal Dressing – What’s right, and what you could be doing wrong.

Gentlemen. Not all of us are blessed with faces that could launch a range of Gillette razors. Not all of us spend countless hours at the gym and then eating clean to look like Adonis-es. In fact the biggest workout most of us get, is picking the bottle of whisky to pour a drink. Also […]

Le Manual Deadlifts Posture

Deadlifts 101 – Why, When & How

I’ve been working out relatively regularly for more than a decade now. Not that I look like a buff bodybuilder, or anything close to it, but I have been able to derive massive benefits from hitting the weights section on a regular basis. But that’s the story for another post. Thing is, that in my […]