Immediate trigger?

This woman on my Instagram timeline posting yet another pouting selfie #accompanied #with #captions #that #had #been #hashtagged #like #this.

#Fuck #Your #Neanderthal #mental #ability.

Isn’t it enough that you are trying to look like a chimpanzee with all the pouting? Now you’ve got to go ahead and splash all the garbage in your head onto public domain?

For someone like me, suffering from chronic headaches, gargantuan stupidity was one less trigger I could do with.

However, this was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Social media had become increasingly annoying (and kind of dangerous to use) over the past few years.

In fact, as I sit here and list out my reasons for quitting social media, I realize I should’ve done it much sooner.

Social media platforms are a hotbed of incestual levels of stupidity. Some examples being, unrequited ugly baby pictures, Donald Trump tweets and asinine challenges where people jumped out of their moving cars and proceeded to dance alongside them.

Some of them got killed.


It’s a shame.

Then there’s the influx of baby boomers. Their presence is characterized by posts of Robin Sharma quotes emblazoned over grainy pictures of silhouettes & sunsets or terribly composed images of flowers sourced from google image search.

Looking at the text on the images, it is evident that these guys were the early adopters of MS Word, and WordArt is their benchmark of excellence in design.

Case in point

Their behavior on social media is like that of your old relative who desperately needs a hearing aid, but refuses to get one and insists on being absolutely fine. Even though the question you asked was something entirely different.

Then there’s those who discuss (read fight like cats on cocaine) politics online. Some of the stuff is voluntary, and then as we’ve learnt, a lot of it carried on and about by organized online armies maintained by various political outfits.

It’s become insufferable. To the point where Twitter has become a monstrous version of the Arnab Goswami show. Everyone being nasty to each other minus the concept of even considering the other person’s point of view, or intent.

Facebook is where all the design agency rejects are employed by political parties to further their agenda.

Unfortunately, sub-par education, the analytical abilities of a brick combined with the social awareness levels of a toddler, make people believe in shit like this

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Now if you ever feel great about your life, are happy about your stock in life or just generally content with the way things are going, just head to Instagram. Absolute and outright destruction of that happy frame of mind awaits you.

At least it did me. To the point where I’d be perpetually pissed off at my absolute lack of material achievement.

Instagram is where models who eat only grass and smoked meat post their photos after applying more filters than used in the manufacturing of top grade vodka.

Instagram also is where models who have more artificial anabolic hormone than hemoglobin running in their veins post their photos after applying enough filters to give their bodies the sheen of a 16 year old raised-on-a-diet-of-yak butter Mongolian’s face.

Instagram is the place where the property dealer who’s sold unfulfilled promises will come to post the picture of his new BMW.

Instagram is a curated timeline of acquisition and consumption. This social media platform shows you that everyone is beautiful and having a great time.

It’s like a never ending beer commercial starring people you know.

Life, as we all know is nothing like a beer commercial. Even if parts of it is, then a raging hangover is always at hand.

No one here posts their hangovers. No one posts anything less than perfect.

And that’s how a lot of those who see these posts and don’t know the truth / haven’t met the person first hand in a while feel.

Anything but perfect.

Fuck feeling like that.

Oh and Instagram + Facebook screw your head in another closely related way. You learn to window-dress every minor achievement, event or happenstance in your life and post it online.

Strutting your peacock feathers at every available opportunity, you start creating content on running out of organically occurring post-worthy stuff in your life.

Cuz let’s agree that life is anything but absolutely average and boring for the most of us.

Under pressure from the onslaught of fabulous lives, we project our own awesome (some real, mostly fake) outwards online.

And that’s why you read about all those people dying, trying to take risky selfies. That’s why you see people at a restaurant table waiting to eat their food while one of them is taking pictures of it to post online.

That’s why you see more people making videos at a concert, rather than doing what they went to the gig for (unless it was to get content for their social profiles).

Give me anything. But reality.

And I was doing all this too. Spending way too much time clicking photos for my social media timeline. Agonizing over the right amount of contrast and vignette to apply on the picture of this beautiful flower that’d just bloomed in my balcony garden.

Showing off acquisitions in what I thought was a very subtle manner (LPT: EVERYONE recognizes showing off regardless of how “natural” you make it seem).

And I started hating myself for it.

I felt disingenuous. Like a cheap showboat who didn’t have enough substance in his life and had to resort to showing off just to make his being seem worth-it!

All these, and a couple of more reasons put together, I quit.

It’s been about a month that I’ve quit facebook, instagram and linkedin. Twitter joined the ranks recently. And do you know what happened?


Nothing except for the realization that I was wasting WAY too much time on voyeurism and narcissism.

Beyond which, I’d like to believe that I am a bit more satisfied with myself, happier with what I have, and spend a lot more time enjoying the present.

Rather than wondering how best it be shot, edited and posted for all the likes.

Likes, that honestly are like monopoly money.

Worthless in the real world.

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